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We love the web: design, marketing, optimisation.

We do it all. And we do it well.

Coding a PSD to WordPress

A PSD file is a photoshop file where a designer has drawn how the site should look. It includes every element that will be used and the style of it. It is then the job of the programmer to create a website that looks similar to that picture.

Since WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms, we are happy to offer our psd to wordpress services to anybody.

What does this mean?

There a many situation when you might need this kind of service: you have the design of your current “not-wordpress” site available; you have just ordered a design from another place but they cannot create the wordpress theme; or you simply already have an in-house designer that created that file and you need us to make it a reality.

The themes we create are SEO friendly and can have all the options you need to maintain and operate your business. Or you can let us do it on your behalf.

Even if you are interested in creating a premium WordPress theme (that is, a theme that will be sold further down) we are open to great ideas. Let’s have a chat.

How we work: the process:

You already have a website design made.

You send the Photoshop file to us.

We turn the design into a live, nicely coded WordPress website.

We can also turn your PSD design into a html website or with a basic CMS

If you are currently using a different CMS or you find WordPress to be too difficult or unnecessary for your needs, we can accomodate to that as well. Together we can find the right technological solution.

What we work with for best results

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