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Are SEO Ready WordPress themes any good?

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Some WordPress themes, both free and premium, have a feature called “SEO Ready” or “SEO Optimized”. Should you be impressed?
Well, our answer is simple: no. And here is why:

The entire SEO functionality should be handled by WordPress and a plugin. There should never be an SEO dependency within the theme. The reason is quite obvious: website owners like to change themes, to freshen things up. So this most likely means that you will mess up your on-page and on-site SEO each and every time you change a theme.

There are a couple of themes that go further, with an SEO panel where you set up different things, where you add Google Analytics code, Adsense and all that. It’s wrong. If you use those features, and then change the theme, if the new one doesn’t have the same options or implements them differently, then you will face some real troubles. It’ll also bloat the code.

So there you go folks, one tip from SiteUP, don’t choose a theme based on the fact that it is SEO Ready or Optimized or whatever. It should be SEO Friendly – it gets out of your way and let’s the plugins do the hard work.

What is your experience with an SEO Ready WordPress theme?

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