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SEO Change: “not provided” on the rise

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There have been many reports in the past couple of days stating that even more Google searches have been encrypted even for people who are not logged in.

What does this mean for…
– consumers? In theory their searches are a bit more secure and privacy-wise it’s a good thing.
– SEOs, marketeers etc? Less data to analyze – all those keywords in Google Analytics will be replaced with “not provided”.
– website owners? You will have a harder time identifying future opportunities known as “low-hanging-fruit”.

We think that the rise of “not provided” will basically mean that agencies and freelancers will have a harder time reporting back to the client. At the same time, the client will have a harder time understanding what the SEO he hired is actually doing.
In the long run, it means that we will find other ways of measuring ‘success’, but these will probably involve either more time consuming actions or more expenses to have access to that kind of data.

One more thing to add is that website owners that appear organically in searches will receive “not provided”, while website owners who appear in the ‘paid section’ will receive all the data. This will probably push more people to PPC Campaigns because it will be a more measurable way of promoting yourself. Therefore, contact us right now if you need PPC Management.

This latest news should not be a surprise for anybody. Since 2011, Google has been talking and implementing this. As for the fact that the SEO landscape changes yet again it’s not something new – it’s actually one of the things we like about this field and what makes us love to play the game.

[UPDATE] It seems that ALL searches are now encrypted (you can see the https in the address bar of your browser) which means that soon enough everybody will be having 100% not provided. [/UPDATE]

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