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Free Site Audit

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Do you need a quick look at your website by a pro? Do you think something is off with your site but can’t really put your finger on it?

Get your free website audit with no obligations! Leave your details in the form below, and you will receive an email from us with a couple of things we noticed and believe that you will benefit from.

What will the Audit contain?

This will be a simple, basic audit and you will receive information about what you can improve. However, it will not be the top-notch audit that our clients usually receive – those are complex, include a lot of information, pointers on how to fix them and much much more. If that’s what you are looking for, then reach out and we’ll deliver (Prices as low as 89 £!).

Once we receive your free site audit order, we will make 2 tests (there will be no easy-does-it software used, just humans):
– “the first impression test”, when we visit the site for the first time and after we spend a bit on it, we write down some notes and proceed to the second test;
– we revisit your site for the second time and review your website and content. Then we will check to see if, and how much, it resembles the first impression. Your site will then be analysed from different perspectives like SEO, design, UX & UI etc. – from its colour scheme, logo, site structure, site information to content, checkout process (if any) etc.

Then we will send you an email with the most important things which will improve your website quickly. It will take around 2 days from the moment we receive your free site audit order but sometimes it might take a little longer.

So what are you waiting for?

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