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iOS 7 – the flat design trend

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When you first think about it, iOS 7 has little to do with flat websites – except they both have “flat roots”. Let’s look a little closer.

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

When the new iOS 7 was unveiled, everyone could see the big visual changes. What most of the people learned afterwards is that this particular style is called “flat design”. Of course, it wasn’t the first operating system to adopt this but it’s a bit more important because of the strength of the platform.

Let’s see how these changes impact everybody.

The snowball effect

First, the look and feel of all applications should resemble and integrate the new operating system from Apple. What this means, at a minimum, is that every app developer out there has to update the design of their applications and the icon.

Now that iOS 7 was publicly launched, we see that many top developers have taken this opportunity to not only make small updates to be accepted in the store, but to rethink their entire application including it’s look and feel.

So now every developer has a “flat icon” and a “flat application”. Branding 101 says that a company needs to always be consistent. Therefore, the next logical step is to have their website…flat (or flattened? 😛 ). The same goes for their web-application if they have one.

So there you have it. Like a snowball, changes made in a major operating system have perpetuated into the world of webdesign where “flat design” is the king…. for now.

Visions and trends

Of course, even before Apple announced their new version and everybody started talking and hearing about this (flat) trend, there were some “visionaries” that already used flat-design in their work and we take great pride to be amongst them. But as such, flat design is only a trend and by definition, it will fade away and some new trend will take its place.

Although it’s nice to follow the trend, design is really about customer’s needs – and the communication between you and them.

So as fashion comes and goes, always stay efficient, because who knows what will be the next trend?

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