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Why we don’t offer hosting

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When talking about websites, there is the inevitable discussion about hosting it. And more than once, people were curious as to why aren’t we offering this service too, as it seems a natural fit.

First of all – we are not experts in either servers or networking. So we cannot offer a service that we know we are not “that good” at.
Secondly, we could do it by becoming resellers. But we asked ourselves why? Is there a real benefit in doing this for both our client and ourselves?

From our point of view, there is no benefit whatsoever: if something happens with the server, the client makes a phone call. Who’s going to call? SiteUP of course. And then we have to send the problem to the actual hosting server, wait for their response, and then call the client back.
In other words, instead of offering real support, we would be transformed in messengers. So, in the end, there`s time loss and a not-so-great service, which means that the client has to suffer.

What’s our solution?

Simple, we consult. Based on our client`s needs, we suggest a couple of options. Afterwards, the client is the one that acquires the hosting service directly (no middle man). If there is need for support, we will be the ones calling on behalf of the client. We think this is the best approach – less wasted time and less money.

What do you think about our way of working? Would you do it in any way differently?

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