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Add a CMS to your website

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If you currently own and maintain a simple, standard HTML/CSS website, you know how difficult it can be to add new content or how time-consuming it is to modify the existing one. But we have good news! We are happy to share with you the fact that nowadays, you can easily add a CMS to your current website.

Having a CMS means you can focus more on the actual content and less on not breaking things up. It also means that you can put somebody else on this task, leaving you to focus on what matters more.

Can I add any CMS to ANY website?

Well, frankly, we don’t really know all the CMS`s in this world, but we can tell you that some of them are easier to add to a already online website than others. There are both free and paid solutions as well – WordPress, of course, being the most popular of them all.

Regarding your current website – the ability to add the CMS really depends on the complexity of the site. There are times when trying to fit the CMS is so complicated and time-consuming that it’s not really worthwhile. You might be better off with something new, started from scratch.
But usually, that doesn’t happen. So – good news for any website owner that has this problem.

Also, the CMS`s we work with are based on PHP and MySQL, so compatibility with the current hosting provider for most websites is really high – this means there are no other expenses necessary in order to benefit from having a CMS.

Bottom line: you can maintain your current look and feel of the website, but making it easily manageable by putting a CMS behind it – get in touch with us to help you today.

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